The New Publicity

It also seems appropriate that the new look kitchen has evolved just as I have finished the final draft for the sequel to The Seven, The Eighth Gateway. At the moment it’s holding on around 56,000 and was achieved with the help and support of 34 wonderful women writers on the nonnywrimo support groups – one of thee best decisions I ever made. Thanks all of you for the laughs and the chocolate and the barrels of brandy.

The major part of The Eighth Gateway concerns ‘what happened that night’ ie Following on from Arthur and the warriors appearing in the grove when Tony was left unconscious. ┬áIt follows the journey that night of Chris and his mother and alternates with events over a a year later when my favourite character really comes into her own.

As for Tony himself. Well you’ll have to see. But I can also promise you more Merlin and two intriguing female characters, one good and one bad.

Kitchen madness

Through the Keyhole

Ok there isn’t really a keyhole but I hope you’ll agree that there’s a rather splendid door. Behind this gateway you never know what you’ll find.

The Seven has been out just over a year and after a slow start is beginning to pick up readership. What better way of getting tis message out there than parading it in your very own kitchen. With this in mind Rosie has used her splendid creative abilities to risk take on our own doorstep. Here’s the result – A Seven themed kitchen with a doorway into the mysteries.

Here also is the new publicity for the book – a wonderful job by Gary at Gomer adapted from both the cover and an original picture by Rosie of Lucy approaching the doorway which changed her future. It’s gateways and doorways galore at the moment.