Early Days

The best news of all has The Seven out two and a half weeks ahead of time, so it should be with a book shop or library near you very soon. So please look out for it, read it, comment on it and don’t be afraid to be honest. Much more will follow on this site once I get tutored up. Meantime thanks to all who’ve contributed and supported the book. The time of The Seven is nigh. Or is that now?


The Seven (Unlocked)

Do you have a child aged 7-11? Will you be in Welshpool on Saturday 9th November?

Do they, ( or you because we want you to come too) love King Arthur. Welsh Myth, trees that whisper secrets only you can hear  and open to reveal hidden mysteries?

You don’t? You must be mad!

But if you do you can come along at 10.30 on the morning of 9th November to Welshpool Library and learn a few more of those secrets.

Is it easy to get in? Doesn’t sound much of a secret if just anyone can walk in off the street?

Well you’ll need a special key. And you’ll also need to know which of the Seven you are.

Then and only then will the hidden doorway be revealed.






Coming soon to a library or bookshop near you.


‘Who will take the Seven home
And bring the Dark Lord from his throne?
Who will show the Mage the skies.
And bring the Bard an end to lies?
Who will raise the Ship again.
And free the Princess from her pain?
Who will teach the lost to fight
And bring the Child into the light?


FInd out on October 31st with the publication of The Seven, an exciting new children’s book by Steve Gladwin when all will be revealed.


FInd out at Welshpool Library on Saturday November 9th when all children who come to “The Seven” event with the right passwords will discover the first few secrets.


Find out — by asking these trees. They know a great deal but they’re not telling !



Old friends and autumnal feelings

An anniversary today. 13 years ago a new journey in love and story. At the end of the month a book about sevens. Seven years since a peaceful passing and a seventh visit to a magical place of sanctuary for all writers. I’ve always loved gateways and here is a small one which I sneaked through every morning. You never know what you’ll findImage