I will get better at this marketing game?

Yes folks I’m the first to admit that The Seven needs a lot more push in the big wide world. Rather like the Seven themselves I fear that I have been sleeping in a comfortable old tree, dreaming dreams of the lost and forgotten. But just recently a snotty eight year old barged in and opened the door and let it all flood back. The fact that she’s imaginary makes no difference to me. Lucy is not the sort of person you argue with. She’s not bullying me to get her story out there but doing it with her usual attitude. Owch – that well hurt.

If that wasn’t enough she and some of my other characters took over the completion of The Eighth Gateway and totally changed it!P1000078  P1000253 I may never take them for granted again !


The New Publicity

It also seems appropriate that the new look kitchen has evolved just as I have finished the final draft for the sequel to The Seven, The Eighth Gateway. At the moment it’s holding on around 56,000 and was achieved with the help and support of 34 wonderful women writers on the nonnywrimo support groups – one of thee best decisions I ever made. Thanks all of you for the laughs and the chocolate and the barrels of brandy.

The major part of The Eighth Gateway concerns ‘what happened that night’ ie Following on from Arthur and the warriors appearing in the grove when Tony was left unconscious.  It follows the journey that night of Chris and his mother and alternates with events over a a year later when my favourite character really comes into her own.

As for Tony himself. Well you’ll have to see. But I can also promise you more Merlin and two intriguing female characters, one good and one bad.

Kitchen madness

Through the Keyhole

Ok there isn’t really a keyhole but I hope you’ll agree that there’s a rather splendid door. Behind this gateway you never know what you’ll find.

The Seven has been out just over a year and after a slow start is beginning to pick up readership. What better way of getting tis message out there than parading it in your very own kitchen. With this in mind Rosie has used her splendid creative abilities to risk take on our own doorstep. Here’s the result – A Seven themed kitchen with a doorway into the mysteries.

Here also is the new publicity for the book – a wonderful job by Gary at Gomer adapted from both the cover and an original picture by Rosie of Lucy approaching the doorway which changed her future. It’s gateways and doorways galore at the moment.

Meanderings in Monmouthshire

It’s while since I’ve been in touch with the waiting world but in the interim The Seven has been published, got it’s first review, (a good one), had a quiet launch at Welshpool Library and last week was given the test of it’s first writing group with the generous response of my friend Pat Smaill’s Writing4 Fun group in Monmouthshire.

Before the session could even start, (attendance was delayed by a funeral which caused car parking disruption) one of the group brought in a book which had astonishing relevance for the matter in hand. Joseph Jacobs Celtic Tales was the book which you could say stated all the problems. It was reading the story of Powel Prince of Dyfed, (his spelling not mine) which provided my first taste of the Mabinogion and a quest which has gone on in one way or another ever since.

So having the book in front of me was a suitably inspirational start to the proceedings. I read from the book, both the prologue to set the scene and characters and then the two Part Four scenes which take part in the ancient court of King Arthur and which include the first appearance of my outrageous and irascible Merlin. Here Tony finds that there is someone grumpier than he is and who would rather play computer games than listen to Taliesin spouting his poetry again.

“Mr Wonderful should have coughed up most of that phlegm by now.’

What can I say but Merlin sold the book for me and all five of the group enthusiastically with one even being willing to borrow money to make up enough to do so.

During the few weeks since publication a number of people have read it and responded and this session confirmed what i have been thinking. That although the book was clearly intended for the 8-11 year old age group , adults seem to really appreciate it. What’s more I know at least three who’ve read it twice.

So perhaps that clarion call “Ask After the Seven” is one which should be aimed in the future at a much wider age group. Watch this space but in the meantime thanks for all the responses and interest.


As for this image – it seems highly appropriate for the final part of the book mentioned above. This could so easily be part of the Dark Lord’s kingdom. Or the gateway to one of the seven ‘caers” of Annwn. The Castle of the Sea perhaps.

This second image is only lacking a dragon and Merlin to be Merlin’s cave. (Although clearly you can’t see his computer).



Early Days

The best news of all has The Seven out two and a half weeks ahead of time, so it should be with a book shop or library near you very soon. So please look out for it, read it, comment on it and don’t be afraid to be honest. Much more will follow on this site once I get tutored up. Meantime thanks to all who’ve contributed and supported the book. The time of The Seven is nigh. Or is that now?

The Seven (Unlocked)

Do you have a child aged 7-11? Will you be in Welshpool on Saturday 9th November?

Do they, ( or you because we want you to come too) love King Arthur. Welsh Myth, trees that whisper secrets only you can hear  and open to reveal hidden mysteries?

You don’t? You must be mad!

But if you do you can come along at 10.30 on the morning of 9th November to Welshpool Library and learn a few more of those secrets.

Is it easy to get in? Doesn’t sound much of a secret if just anyone can walk in off the street?

Well you’ll need a special key. And you’ll also need to know which of the Seven you are.

Then and only then will the hidden doorway be revealed.